DPU Breach Lead, Grade VII **UPDATED

Brunel Building, Heuston South Quarter, Dublin 8
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Closing Date: 13/12/2021 Closing Time: 12:00
Recruitment start: 18/11/2021


Job Summary

The Child and Family Agency was established on 1st January 2014 and is responsible for a range of statutory functions including provision of child protection, alternative care, specified regulatory services and a range of family support services. The Agency has commenced a major improvement programme with significant focus on Practice, Culture and Structure.

The Agency currently has responsibility for a budget in excess of €800m and delivers its services through circa 5,000 people in 350 locations across the Country.

The Child and Family Agency has responsibility for the following range of services:

• Child Protection and Welfare
• Family Support
• Alternative Care
• Adoption
• Tusla Education Support Services (TESS)
• Domestic Sexual and General Based Violence (DSGBV)
• Children’s Service Regulation
• Counselling and Therapeutic Supports

Further information is available on www.tusla.ie

Data Protection Unit

Tusla, Child and Family Agency, invites applications from suitably qualified persons for a number of key roles within its Data Protection Unit (DPU). These roles will appeal to candidates looking to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team implementing a strategic transformation programme of agency-wide improvements to ensure Tusla has effective people, processes and systems in place to support its statutory and regulatory obligations. The roles offer an opportunity to work in a fast paced, dynamic environment across a variety of projects and assignments in the area of Data Protection and FOI including, but not limited to DPU Operations; Data Protection and FOI Compliance; and the GDPR Programme, which includes Operating Model Design and Implementation; Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Third Party Privacy Risk Management; Regulatory Engagement; and Change Management, Training & Communications. Whilst the location/base of the role is flexible, attendance at Tusla Head Office in Dublin will be a requirement of the successful candidate at a frequency agreed with the Data Protection Officer.

Tusla processes a large volume of highly sensitive personal data on a daily basis in order to deliver the critical services it provides to Children and Families across the State. In doing this, Tusla must ensure that it has adequate organisational and technical measures in place; that the rights and freedoms of Tusla service users are respected and that privacy risks to those rights and freedoms are minimised; and that a fit for purpose operating model for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (FOI) and is implemented. These are the three objectives of Tusla's GDPR Programme, a multi-annual strategic transformation programme which is now in its third phase of implementation. The GDPR programme focuses on driving a wide range of improvements in Tusla's data protection and FOI compliance and control environment, including for example:

• Data Protection Operating Model Design and Implementation, such as policy and process enhancements or organisation design changes, including the establishment of regional privacy network;
• Data Protection Impact Assessments and Third Party Privacy Risk Management, to assess complex data processing activities and third party data sharing arrangements to identify the required privacy safeguards and controls;
• Regulatory Engagement with the Data Protection Commission and the Office of the Information Commissioner in relation to Tusla's regulatory obligations; and
• Change Management, Training & Awareness, to embed best practice data protection across Tusla and ensure all staff fully understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to data protection and FOI compliance.

Purpose of Role:

The purpose of the role is to manage the day-to-day operation of Tusla’s personal data breach handling function, including implementation of standard operating procedures, production of metrics and reports, and working in partnership across the DPU.

Job Objectives

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Management of the day-to-day operation of Tusla’s personal data breach-handling function, including receipt of reports, assessment of reports, notification of personal data breaches to the Data Protection Commission, and communication of personal data breaches to affected data subjects.
• Provision of support to local and national offices’ resolution of personal data breaches, including through delivery of advice, development of guidance, and contribution of assistance to remediation of and mitigation against personal data breaches.
• Coordination of internal communications regarding personal data breaches, including via design and delivery of training, development of content for the Tusla Hub, and production of other internal communications materials as required.
• Provision of support to the operation of Tusla’s Privacy Network.
• Management of Tusla’s relationship with the Data Protection Commission as regards personal data breaches.
• Coordination of management information reporting and presentations for management meetings.
• Maintenance of confidentiality, a high level of professionalism and the highest standards of data protection at all times.
• Maintain standards of practice and levels of professional knowledge in the area of Data Protection.
• Operationalise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the breach management process.
• Manage Data Protection Specialists and Administrators assigned to incident/breach management.
• Any other duties assigned by the line manager.

Health & Safety

• Comply with and contribute to the development of policies, procedures, guidelines and safe professional practice and adhere to relevant legislation, regulations and standards.
• Have a working knowledge of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Standards as they apply to the service for example National Standards for Child Protection and Care and comply with associated Tusla – Child and Family Agency protocols for implementing and maintaining these standards as appropriate to the role.
• To support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.

The above Job Description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office.

Skills Required

Applicants must by the closing date of application have the following:

• Be currently in employment with Tusla – Child and Family Agency, the HSE or within other statutory health agencies, or a body which provides services on behalf of the HSE under Section 38 or 39 of the Health Act 2004 or within a body that provides services on behalf of Tusla under Section 56 or Section 59 of the Child and Family Act 2013.

• At least two years’ administrative experience relevant to the requirements of the role;

• At least two years' experience of personal data breach reporting, or similar;

• Experience of working collaboratively with multiple internal and external
stakeholders as relevant to the role;

• Experience of managing and delivering multiple concurrent pieces of work;

• Sufficient knowledge of data protection to discharge the functions of the


A candidate for and any person holding the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.


Each candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good

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